April Update and What May come.

Bad puns aside, this is a rather short post.

April has been an incredibly difficult month for me as a big family issue started taking its toll and has forced me to engage in a part time job at a local cafe while I keep applying for a more appropriate job. This, along with other personal issues, have considerably slowed the pace of my work creating a circle of exhaustion and fatigue that I'm trying to break free from. 

Now April is almost gone, and with it should go all those bad feelings. It is a time for introspection, restructuring and soul searching to find the strength to keep going and light that passion that has taken me so far already. Life is hinting at me that I've been doing something wrong and I haven't been listening until now, and so with this I aim to make May a month of change and growth. A month to become a better me, even if it means taking a step back and starting over. 

 I have been trying to tackle things bigger than myself, denying my own fault in the recent events surrounding my life. I kept telling myself It would be alright, I had nothing to do with it and it will go away soon. Well, no wonder I'm in a hole that keeps growing deeper. It's time to carve myself an exit, shake off the depression  and work towards my future, one small goal at a time, and in turn improve my life and those around me. 

May 4th is the day I take my citizenship test to become fully Canadian. I can't think of a better refresher, an opportunity to work towards a new sense of self motivation and inspiration that I so desperately need. It's time to embrace the flow instead of paddling against it and being slammed around. I will use the tide in my favor, learn from my own mistakes and weaknesses, and pull through as I have before. 

This is for me.


PD> I'm behind about 4 weeks of sketches. This will be remedied in the coming days. Looking forward to it.